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Dr. Carey O’Neill is a Psychologist Specializing in Psychotherapy, Coaching & Divorce Mediation


I am a Psychologist with 17 years of experience and 9 years in private practice. I do psychotherapy, coaching, and family mediation.

I was trained at MGH/ Harvard University with expert Psychologists / therapists. In addition, I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist and a Certified Divorce Mediator.

My therapy practice is located in Cheshire, Connecticut. The location is both professional and convenient, and maintains privacy for all.

Although I enjoy the pleasure of serving patients from all over the state of Connecticut (CT), my patients mainly come from Cheshire, Prospect, Hamden, Meriden, Wallingford, Southington, Middletown, North Haven and New Haven Connecticut.


I conduct both short-term and long-term psychotherapy with individuals and couples. As a
Psychologist, I specialize in depression, anxiety, personality disorders, chronic medical illness, grief and loss, eating disorders, marriage and relationships, and parenting. I utilize both Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychoanalytic theories and techniques in the psychotherapy services that are offered …Details


As a Psychologist, I help people reach their personal and professional goals through maintaining mental health and well-being. I help people find balance in their life, maintain a healthy lifestyle, while increasing productivity and staying focused, and I support them in setting and achieving realistic goals. I offer coaching …Details